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Hernando's Pizza Pub has been a long standing tradition to people who visit Winter Park from all over the world since 1967. Jeff and Kimber Davidson, the present owners, have done their best to carry on that tradition since 1989. The pioneers of Hernando's, so to speak, where Jerry and Anne Von Dracek. They fell in love with Hideaway Park (later renamed Winter Park) and decided to build and start a pizza restaurant. They both enjoyed Broadway musicals of which the "Pajama Game" was their favorite. The theme song of that musical was Hernando's Hideaway and they both decided that Hernando's of Hideaway Park would be the name of their new restaurant.

Hernando's Family

Those Dollar Bills!

What's With All The Dollar Bills?

Back in 1989, when the Davidson's bought the restaurant, they hired a fellow by the name of Russ Peterson from Florida. Russ suggested that Hernando's should hang decorated dollars and post them on the wall, just like a restaurant he knew of in Florida. Well, Jeff didn't think it would be that great of an idea and thought it would not work out, so Russ offered a wager to Jeff and decorated his bill and posted it above the bar. He said I'll bet there will be 20 bills posted by the end of the ski season. Jeff took the bet which was for a bottle Grand Marnier (Russ's favorite).

Days, weeks, even months went by before anyone posted a bill. Needless to say, Russ got a little desperate, and desperate men take desperate measures. So, he started buying other co-workers drinks if they would decorate and post a bill. Sure enough, by the time the ski area was closed there were exactly 20 bills posted. Jeff knew of all the bribing, but still wanted to make good on his bet, so he presented Russ with a miniature bottle of Grand Marnier.

As of 2008, there is over $20,000.00 posted on the walls of Hernando's Pizza Pub. Russ hasn't been back since, but I'll bet he would be proud. Ask your server for the markers and leave your mark on Hernando's too.